• Lanterna Magica: Risk Review

    ‘Be prepared, cherish your values’ PRIMO developed a ‘Risk Review’ which monitors the state of the values, targets and plans of your organisation in relation to the domain where it is focused on and the main […]

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  • From Global to Local

    A Think Tank by PRIMO and UDITE to improve the addressing of global risks on local and local level. Frame The Federation of European Local GovernmentChief Executives (UDITE), the foremost professional network for Chief Executives […]

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  • Capita Selecta: Masterclass

    Thematic Masterclass: be equipped Designed for an holistic and dialogue oriented risk approach with a theme as starting point. Cyber-security, Migration, Social Domain, Climate Change, Financial Engineering. The masterclass gives you insight and knowledge where […]

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  • Agenda

    In 2015 we focus on city diagnose of risks, implementation of risk management in public organisations, public private partnership risk in  relation to quality management, expansion of network, insurance and on partnership with EIPA, RMP and UDITE. 2016 […]

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  • From Figures and Control towards Values and Trust

    On the 4th of June 2015 we organise a Round Table (Dutch)- in cooperation with the cities of Assen, Groningen and Leeuwarden – in which we will focus on the meaning of governance based on values […]

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  • UDiTE and PRIMO renew their cooperation across Europe

    PRESS RELEASE Ronny Frederickx President of UDiTE – the European Association for Local Government Chief Executives – and Jack Kruf, President of PRIMO – the European Public Risk Management Organisation – signed a cooperation 2015/2016 […]

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  • Academy

    In the last 10 years, actually since the founding on the 1st of April 2015, we systematically studied the educational need of public leaders and managers in the regional and local public domain. On this […]

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  • Advisory

    PRIMO has created a European network of leading professionals who are available to advise public and private organisations related to the governance of public values and risks. Our portfolio

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  • Publishing

    Within our organisation we have put all activities regarding the new website, hosting, domains, design, photography, publishing in digital stores and the care for social media under one roof. The increase in dissemination and the needed coordination within Europe made […]

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  • Risk Management in the context of CAF and TQM

    In the seminar 18-20 May 2015 (Maastricht) EIPA and PRIMO are combining forces in order to align the risk management and the quality management dynamic. Knowledge and networks of both organisations will be combined to realise the goal […]

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  • Innovation on PPP

    Risk Area One of the focus points of PRIMO in the last several years, because of its increasing relevance in strategy and policy development in the public domain. Here you find the advises of experts, […]

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Seeing the field


This part from the movie ‘The Legend Of Bagger Vance‘ (2000) is about focus on the target. Or maybe about knowing and feeling the circumstances and your own abilities and perspective in reaching for your objective. It […]

PRIMO enters KnowledgeHub


The European organisation PRIMO enters the Knowledgehub as partner of UDITE, The European Federation Local Authority Chief Executive Officers. This unique online platform: Offers open, restricted or private groups for public service conversations. It has over 1,500 groups, including officers, […]