PRIMO has created a European network of leading professionals who are available to advise public and private organisations related to the governance of public values and risks.

Our portfolio


‘Knowing what’s happening and where to buy’ Kaleidoscoop Designed for an holistic and dialogue oriented risk approach. Discussing relevant themes as cybersecurity, social cohesion and city management, adaptation to climate change, proper water management and synergy by partnership. Getting familiar with the best concepts, methods and techniques to manage risk. Learning from the authoritative scientists and practitioners. The 1-day masterclass gives […]

Status Quo

Strategic focus: ‘Where am I, how do I perform.’ Introduction PRIMO developed the Status Quo. It is a strategic and dialogue oriented diagnosis of the state of your values, resilience, targets and plans in connection with the state of your (public) governance. It gives you insight where performance, result and success cross the path of resilience  and risks.  Where are […]

Think tank ‘From Global to Local’

On the 24th of November 2017 in Porto, Portugal, the European associations PRIMO and Federation of European Local Government Chief Executives (UDITE) will organise their think tank to discuss public risks in Europe in general and cyber related risks in particular, this in perspective of local and regional governance and management. The meeting will be organised in cooperation with Associação dos Trabalhadores da Administração […]

Establish your Connection

During the last 10 years PRIMO established an extensive network. We can help to build relevant connections for your organisation, related to the public value and risk governance. Here is a kaleidoscope of interesting connections. Please contact us for further information. European Union – Committee of the Regions – The Court of Justice of the European Communities – European Economic and […]

From Figures and Control towards Values and Trust

On the 4th of June 2015 we organise a Round Table (Dutch)- in cooperation with the cities of Assen, Groningen and Leeuwarden – in which we will focus on the meaning of governance based on values instead of figures. Which governance principles should be linked with value driven organisations as municipalities actually are? Which improvements are highly desirable concerning public governance, supervision […]

ISO 31000

ISO 31000 as framework PRIMO Europe has chosen to take the ISO 31000 as referential framework for public risk management and the organisations working in the public domain. Although the framework is still very young, published in 2009, and need a lot of further development steps it is a complete framework in its essence. ISO 31000 describes the principles and […]

The Art of Risk Management

One Day Masterclass PRIMO has developed a multidisciplinary 1-day masterclass for a maximum of 18 people. The outline is focus on one topic, introduced by a scientist and a practitioner, followed by a professionally guided dialogue. All attendants will be able to bring forward their views, perceptions and convictions. They all will be involved in a open and convenient setting. The masterclass […]