In 2017 we focus on the development of our portfolio: City Risk Review, Think tank ‘From Global to Local’, Masterclass ‘The Art of Risk Management’, European Days. We will strengthen our cooperation with existing partners UDITE and EIPA and expand our networks with new partners, continu the development of our education programmes with Malta University and the University of St. Thomas. Our agenda:


– 4 January, PRIMO and St. Thomas University start cooperation on Risk Leadership, Minnesota/Brussels.

– 22 March, Cross border nuclear safety, The Netherlands/Belgium meeting, chaired by PRIMO, The Netherlands.

– 24 March, Think Tank ‘From Global to Local’, PRIMO and UDITE, The Hague  with specific focus on Water and Cyber related (public) risks.

11 April, Masterclass ‘The Art of Risk Management’ for local government trainees of three cities Leidschendam-Voorburg/Rijswijk/Westland, SBBN and PRIMO, The Netherlands

17/18 May, Conference Strategy of Local Communities, Public risk and strategy, PRIMO presentation, Utrecht

13 June, EIPA Forum Leadership, Workshop PRIMO The Art of Public Risk Management: An holistic approach of risks, Barcelona

23 June,  Seminar ‘Pump or Drown: Engineering innovation on sea level rise’, RISNET and PRIMO, Rotterdam.

1 July,  General Assembly and Board meeting PRIMO, and meeting PRIMO-UDITE on sharing knowledge in Europe.

11 October, European Open Days, Round Table ‘Resilient Cities’, VEOLIA, UDITE, PRIMO, Brussels.

9 November, Risk & Resilience Festival, University Twente, Enschede.

24 November, European meeting ‘From Global to Local’  with focus on cyber securities for local communities, PRIMO and UDITE, Porto.

November, Masterclass Public Private Partnership, Amsterdam.

– September, Masterclass ‘Quality and Risk’, EIPA and PRIMO, Maastricht.

November, EPSA Award Ceremony, EIPA, Maastricht.


– 6 February, Expert meeting: Innovation in Risk Education, Antwerp

– 10 February, Development meeting: PRIMO in Belgium and Germany, Antwerp

– 22 February, Public Risk Survey, outline and development, Antwerp

– 3 March, KnowledgeHub Meeting, London

11 March, City Risk Review, municipality of Medemblik, The Netherlands

– 21 March, Digital Media and PRIMO, Exploring the power of Social Media, Utrecht

– 4 April, PRIMO Board meeting, Amsterdam

– 4 April, Certification in the public sector, PRIMO Scientific Council, Amsterdam

– 11 April, Think Tank, From Global to Local: Cyber Sicherheit, PRIMO Deutschland, Berlin

– 22 April, Think Tank From Global to Local, BNG Bank, PRIMO Nederland, The Hague

– 20 May, Risk Management in Great Events, Evaluation Le Grand Départ de Tour de France, Utrecht

– 27 May, Think Tank, From Global to Local, PRIMO Vlaanderen, Antwerp

17 September, UDITE and PRIMO, ‘From Global to Local’ and ‘Performance and Risk Management’ Oostend, Belgium

– 13 October: European Week of Regions and Cities: Succeeding Locally in the Circular Economy, UDITE & Veolia, Brussels

3 and 4 November, PRIMO Masterclass Public Private Partnership and (new) risks, Zeist, The Netherlands

– 25 November, Risk Review ‘Lanterna Magica’ city of Zevenaar, The Netherlands

– 29 November, Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction, PRIMO and Malta University, Valetta. (Platform ‘From Global to Local’)


– 27 January, Business plan & Board and Partner meeting, Antwerp

23 March, Risk Management in the perspective of the Grand Départ de Tour de France, Utrecht,

24 April, Meeting Cooperation in Europe, UDITE and PRIMO, Antibes

– 29 April, PRIMO Think Tank From Global to Local, PRIMO, The Hague

6 May, partner meeting Risk Management Partners and PRIMO, London

– 18 May, Seminar Risk management in the context of CAF and TQM, EIPA and PRIMO, Maastricht

4 June, Round Table From figures and control to values and trust, Cities of Assen, Groningen, Leeuwarden and PRIMO, Assen

– 25 June, Board meeting, partner meeting and Round Table Defining the public risk expert, Brussels

12 July, Round Table Cyber Risk, PRIMO France, Paris

17 September, Masterclass The Art of Risk Management, Brussels

13 October, Workshop, Public Private Partnership, UDITE, Veolia Environnement and PRIMO, European Open Days, Brussels

31 October, Round Table “Evaluating the Social Domain transition”, WagenaarHoes and PRIMO Nederland, Amsterdam

25 November, European Meeting PRIMO Academy and Board meeting, Antwerp.



– 6 December 2014, UDITE Conference. PRIMO shared forum “Does Scale Matters, Antwerp, Belgium

– 6 October 2014, European Open Days, Brussels, Presentation Report From Global to Local.

– 18 September 2014, Masterclass Methods and Methodologies in Risk Management, Board/Partner Meeting, Amsterdam

– 26 June 2014, Masterclass The Renaissance of Public Risk Management, UDITE/IIMC, PRIMO General Assembly and Board Meeting, Brussels

– 15/16 May 2014, PRIMO masterclass on EIPA Conference

– 24 April 2014, Board/General Assembly/Partnermeeting and Round Table ‘Main Local Risks”, Amsterdam

– 9 March 2014, Preparation of 10 City Project

– 27 February 2014, Participation in Global Risk Award, London

– 23 March 2014, Nuclear Knowledge Summit, The Hague/Delft

– 15 February 2014, Preparation of PRIMO Public Risk Survey  ‘Global to Local’, related to the PRIMO Think Tank

– 10 February 2014, Participation in Nuclear Masterclass

– 7 february 2014, Meeting UDITE/PRIMO in Madrid.


– 12 December 2013, Meeting Daily Board, Amsterdam.

– 7 November 2013, PRIMO Partner meeting and meeting Alarm & PRIMO, London, UK

– 21 October 2013, Conference STMOU, City Managers Association, Mikulov, Czech Republic

– 12 October 2013: Launch of GC Magazine 1•2 AVANT-GARDE, Theme: Stewardship

– 6-9 October 2013, PRIMO participate on European Open Days UDITE seminar ‘Public Private Partnerships‘ , Brussels. Read more >

– 3 October 2013, PRIMO present on FERMA Conference, Maastricht, The Netherlands.

12 September 2013, PRIMO and EIPA on Risk management and CAF.

26 June 2013, PRIMO participates in Cyber Crime Round Table, MARM, Valetta, Malta

– 23-25 June 2013,  Alarm Learning & Development Forum and Exhibition ‘Opportunities to Innovate’, Manchester. Read more >

– 1 June 2013, Launch of  GC Magazine 1•1 DESIGN, Theme: Public Risk.

– 21 May 2013,  ‘Risks from Global to Local’, based on Global Risk Report of  WEForum, Ashford. Read more >

15 May 2013, Survey and Webinar on Leadership risks. Harvard Business Review, Zurich, FERMA, PRIMO

– 20/21 May 2013, PRIMO presentation on IRM Annual Forum: Dare you risk your brand reputation? How risk management can safeguard your brand, Ashford, United Kingdom. Read more >

– 25 April 2013, PRIMO Round Table ‘PPP-Innovation in Infrastructure’, Brussels, Ernst & Young Head Office

– 28 February 2013, PRIMO Europe at IRM Global Risk Award 2013 , London.

– 21 February 2013, Strategic Committee, Board Meeting, Outline Conference, Cooperation UDITE, Start of Think Tank  ‘Risks from Global to Local’, based on Global Risk Report of  WEForum, Brussels. Read more >

– 24 January – 8 February 2013, Research Study ‘Leadership in Risk Management’, PRIMO participation in research study in association with Zurich and the Harvard Business Review (HBR).


– 19 December 2012, Meeting with European Parliament (Brussels)

– 23 November 2012, Round Table, PRIMO/UDITE (Cadiz)

– 27 September 2012, Round Table (Brussels)

 June 2012, Board meeting PRIMO, Lissabon (in combination with UDITE Executive Committee)

– April 2012, Board meeting PRIMO, Brussels

– 30 March 2012 Conference FERMA/MARM, PRIMO Malta and PRIMO Europe, Qawra, Malta

– 9 maart 2012, UDITE Executive Committee, Budapest

– 10 February 2012, PRIMO participation in ISO/NEN meeting about ISO 31000, Dublin

18 January 2012, Scientific Council, ALARM and IRM, Partner meeting with Ernst & Young and RMP, London

– 13 January 2012, Launce PRIMO Academy, Breda


9 December 2011 Board Meeting, Antwerp

– 18 November 2011 General Assembly, Paris

– 13 Octobre 2011 Round Table Strategy ‘Resilient Cities’ with UNIDSR, Marsh, PRIMO Europe

– 12 Octobre 2011 Europen Open Days, Bureau Meeting UDITE, Brussels

– 11 Octobre 2011 Board meeting, Brussel

19 September 2011 Marsh & PRIMO Europe ISO 31000 Strategic Meeting, Brussels

17 June 2011 PRIMO Europe Board, Strategic Plan Meeting, Brussels

27 & 28 April 2011 Invitation to Marsh European Large Cities Roundtable, Barcelona

8 April 2011 Board meeting and Partner Meeting PRIMO Europe, Brussels

21 January 2011 PRIMO Europe Board, Strategic Plan Meeting, Brussels


28/29 October 2010: UDiTE X Biennial Congress, Strasbourg, France
28 October 2010: PRIMO Europe/UDITE Roundtable, Partner meeting Board meeting
4/7 October 2010: Open Days, European week of regions and cities, Brussels, Belgium
27/29 June 2010: Alarm Annual Conference & Exhibtion “Bridging the gap”, Southport, United Kingdom
10 June 2010: PRIMO Europe Roundtable, Partner meeting, General Assembly and Board meeting, Brussels, Belgium
8/9 June 2010: PRIMO France 3rd National Conference Public Risk Management, Paris, France
28 May 2010: Meeting Boards of PRIMO Nederland and PRIMO Vlaanderen, Baarle-Hertog, Belgium/The Netherlands
27 May 2010: PRIMO Nederland and RISNET round table, Noordwijk, The Netherlands
12-03-2010: PRIMO Europe Roundtable, Partner meeting and Board meeting, Toledo, Spain
29-01-2010: Launch of Danish Institute for Risk Management, in cooperation with PRIMO Danmark, Copenhagen, Denmark.
16-01-2010: PRIMO Europe Board meeting, Gent, Belgium


09-11-2009: PRIMO Europe participates in Conference Euro Mediterranean Institute on Risk Science, UNESCO, Paris.
05-10-2009: PRIMO Europe, Award, Roundtable, Board Meeting, Brussels
27-06-2009: PRIMO Europe, Board Meeting, General Assembly, Amsterdam
27-06-2009: Round table: The art of risk management, Amsterdam
23-06-2009: ALARM Conference Bournemouth, Roundtable ALARm-Marsh-RMP-PRIMO Europe
29-05-2009: PRIMO Danmark, Annual Conference, Copenhagen
13-05-2009: PRIMO France, 2nd meeting risk & Public Sector, Palais des Congrès, Paris
28-03-2009: Boardmeeting & partnermeeting with UDITE


08-12-08: General Assembly, Boardmeeting, PRIMO Europe
27-11-08: Conference Seminar European Union, Paris
03-09-08: Boardmeeting, International Workshop at UDITE conference
24-06-08: Partnermeeting, Ernst & Young, RMP, Marsh and TNO, Amsterdam
28-05-08: PRIMO Europe Partnermeeting, workmeeting with RMP, Marsh, EIRM, PRIMO Danmark, PRIMO France, Paris
27-05-08: PRIMO France et PRIMO Europe: “Les Rencontres du Risque Public”, Conference, Palais des Congrès, Paris
16-05-08: PRIMO Europe, workmeeting, Valencia
14-03-08: PRIMO Europe, workmeeting with PRIMO Danmark, PRIMO Sverige
17-01-08: PRIMO Europe, boardmeeting, Strasbourg


22-10-07: PRIMO Nederland, Conférence (Amsterdam)
13-11-07: PRIMO Sverige, Conférence (Stockholm)
10-09-07: Primo France, Lancement du “Prix de la gestion des risques publics 2007″ (Paris)
04-07-07: Primo France, “Responsabilité des dirigeants territoriaux et des collectivités locales: Risques et couvertures” (Paris)
07-06-07: PRIMO Danemark, Conference (Copenhague)
13-04-07: Assemblée Générale PRIMO Europe (Dublin)
17-04-07: Workmeeting ALARM (GB) et Assemblée du bureau de PRIMO Europe (Londres)
30-01-07: Primo France, “Le risque vu par les collectivités locales – Radioscopie Primo France” (Paris)


07-12-06: Primo France, “Partenariats Publics Privés: partage des risques et modélisation” (ETS, Strasbourg)
15-12-06: Primo France, “Comment les violences Urbaines influent-elles sur le marché d’assurances des collectivités” (Saint Ouen)
28-11-06: Primo France, “Optimisation des marchés d’assurance” (Antibes)
21-09-06: Primo Europe, Cérémonie de signature des statuts (Malte)
19-04-06: Primo France, “Comment optimiser son marché d’assurance en collectivité” (Nancy)
30-01-06: Primo France, “Plan Communal de Sauvegarde” (Amif – Paris)