Moral Emotions and Intuitions

Author: Sabine Roeser | TU Delft | Palgrave McMillan “In Moral Emotions and Intuitions Sabine Roeser very ably sketches a new theory of moral judgments. She blends traditional intuitionism’s commitment to rationality and ethical realism with the best recent work in the philosophy and psychology of emotions to produce an excitingly attractive view that she calls Affectual Intuitionism. Along the way, she provides a […]

ISO 31000: Threats and opportunities are manageable for local government

By Ed Mallens Risk management now has a usable reference what is useful for local government. In a brief and clearly written document, – NEN-ISO 31000 -, is explained what principles and guidelines are useful to identify, analyze and treat risks effectively. A generic description clarifies how risk management can be secured in an organization. NEN – ISO 31000 Risk […]

Uncertain safety

By Inge Sebregts. An interview about public risk policy and the report Uncertain Safety of the Dutch Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) with Commissioner of the Queen of the Province of North Brabant Wim van de Donk.In 2008 the report Uncertain Safety was published by the Dutch Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR). Chairman of the Board at that […]