Fallacies of risk

by Judith Curry In addition to traditional fallacies such as ad hominem, discussions of risk contain logical and argumentative fallacies that are specific to the subject-matter. Ten such fallacies are identified, that can commonly be found in public debates on risk. They are named as follows: the sheer size fallacy, the converse sheer size fallacy, the fallacy of naturalness, the ostrich’s fallacy, […]

Alliance UDiTE and PRIMO 2013/2014

A new strategic alliance for good public governance for cities and communities The Federation of European Local Government Chief Executives (UDiTE),  premier professional network for Chief Executives and senior managers in the public sector in Europe and PRIMO Europe have signed an agreement for 2013 and 2014 to work together in a strategic alliance. UDiTE President Eulalio Avila Cano: “The […]

The Big Beautiful Municipality?

By Harrie Scholtens Seconded National Expert at European Institute of Public Administration(EIPA), former City Manager of Middelharnis/Goedereede, The Netherlands. He writes this article on personal title. Times are changing. In every society this will happen and has to be recognised. However difficult it is to say goodbye to the past, we have to realise that the past is behind us. Of […]

Innovation Risk: How to Make Smarter Decisions

By Robert Carhart Merton for Harvard Business Review New products and services are created to enable people to do tasks better than they previously could, or to do things that they couldn’t before. But innovations also carry risks. Just how risky an innovation proves to be depends in great measure on the choices people make in using it. Ask yourself this: […]

The Strategy Maker

Getafe strategic planning By Manuel Morajudo Manzanet * On the 5th of October 2009, within the framework of the Open Days of the European Parliament, the Director Strategic Development of the City of Getafe – Ayuntamiento de Getafe 2.0 – received the UDITE Award in the category “Management” for its developing and implementing the Strategic Plan for Getafe 2010. This […]

Clear risk reporting creates value

By Marinus de Pooter and Cees Visser  Organisations benefit from high-quality reporting about risk management. Stakeholders greatly appreciate receiving information about risks and about the way in which an organisation is managing these risks. Another benefit is that clear reporting forces the board to take stock and draw up a list of the risks and risk management systems. This is […]