City Risk Review

‘Be prepared, cherish your values’

PRIMO developed a ‘City Risk Review’ which monitors the state of the values, targets and plans of your organisation in relation to the domain where it is focused on and the main deviations (risks) to be expected.

The holistic approach of PRIMO shares a ‘magic’ light (Lanterna Magica) on the whole of your set of values, perspectives and objectives. It is dialogue oriented and gives you as decision maker instant insight in the headlines to focus on. The review combines the principles of management and governance.

The review:

  • Is sound and compact. The basic version can be carried out in half a day in an interactive meeting with board or management team. The extended version can be finalized in 3 days.
  • Gives direct result and strategic information about where the main uncertainties and risks can be identified and where governance and management need to be addressed in perspective of targets and plans.
  • Offers the ideal combination of top-down and bottom-up approach. Both are necessary to get the best. So working from the city as a whole and combining them with insights from different roles and crafts from the involved organisations creates the path of finding crucial uncertainties and risks.
  • Is focused on accurate mapping of values, targets, uncertainties and risks in a proactive and generic way. The approach thus is much wider than just preventing losses and reducing costs.
  • Is dialogue oriented and has been developed for a open and interactive discussion and a common analysis of the main values and risks.
  • Contributes to improvement of decision making in governance and management.

PRIMO will roll out the review the coming months in a selected group of organisations. If you are interested or need more information, please contact us via the form or mail us at