City Risk Review

‘Be prepared, cherish your values’

PRIMO developed the City Risk Review. It is a dialogue oriented diagnosis of the state of your values, targets and plans in relation to quality of the underlying (public) governance. It gives you insight where performance, result and success cross the path of uncertainties and risks. It gives you ground for improved governance on crucial interfaces and processes as well as the possibility to correct your strategic or operational navigation where needed. It contributes to the quality of your decisions.

The holistic approach of PRIMO is unique because it is derived from the basics of good public governance, overall city management and risk management. It connects organisation, employees, citizens, companies, environment and society.

The review:

  • Is sound and compact. The basic version can be carried out in half a day in an interactive meeting with board or management team. The extended version can be finalized in 3 days.
  • Gives direct result and strategic information about where the main uncertainties and risks can be identified and where governance and management need to be addressed in perspective of targets and plans.
  • Offers the ideal combination of top-down and bottom-up approach. Both are necessary to get the best. So working from the city as a whole and combining them with insights from different roles and crafts from the involved organisations creates the path of finding crucial uncertainties and risks.
  • Is focused on accurate mapping of values, targets, uncertainties and risks in a proactive and generic way. The approach thus is much wider than just preventing losses and reducing costs.
  • Is dialogue oriented and has been developed for a open and interactive discussion and a common analysis of the main values and risks.
  • Contributes to improvement of decision making in governance and management.

Format and prices
The following formats of the are available for tailoring your needs to the max:

  • The basic review is 4-hour dialogue with your board. It is just an open discussion, confidential and focused strategic objective, culture diagnosis direct conclusions and decisions.
  • The extended review is inclusive a short analysis report to be used for further exploration and communication in your organisation. Price is € 3000,00 exclusive VAT and travel costs.
  • The corporate review consists of a web survey under your employees or a selection of your staf, a report with results and conclusions and two 4-hour meetings with your board. Price is € 7.500,00 exclusive VAT and travel costs.

For PRIMO members we can offer a 35% reduction price.

Benefits of a good diagnosis sometimes hard to quantify but in general our experience is that they lead to  an improved culture of openness and fairness, higher reliability by better decisions, more common insight in relation content of a portfolio and the quality of governance and above all to direct operational changes in navigation. Financial benefits are ‘calculated’ on a factor 15 between investment and profit. Scientists Andrew Healy (Loyola Marymount University) and Neil Malhotra Stanford University, estimated:

“that $1 spent on preparedness is worth about $15 in terms of the future damage it mitigates. By estimating both the determinants of policy decisions and the consequences of those policies, we provide more complete evidence about citizen competence and government accountability.”

If your are interested and think that the City Risk Review can be beneficial for your team or organisation, please contact us for further information via this form.