Cooperation UDITE and PRIMO Europe

The renewed cooperation between UDITE, the European organisation for City Managers, and PRIMO Europe opens new possibilities to enlarge the market for and the awareness of public risk management in general and for municipalities in particular. With the UDITE network of more then 15.000 CEO’s in 15 countries we open the right level of platform to adress public risks and its management on a local strategic level. Many of the CEO’s are the first advisors of polical councils and boards, so are very influential. UDITE is one of  the founding partners of PRIMO Europe at the very start of our association four years ago. We are glad to share again our knowledge and network with so many local leaders. Most of the public risks emerge after all in our streets, neighbourhoods, villages and cities. The cooperation will also comprises a more and systematical cooperation with our businesspartners on one hand and with the European Institutions on the other hand.