Euro Mediterranean Risk Science Institute: a durable development through risk management By Didier Raciné

Our modern society represents numerous risks, of a new type, appearing in many different ways, global and massive. Because of these caracteristics it is necessary to react with a multi disciplinary approach of research and education. Facing a euro Mediterranean environment, each of the teachers and researchers in this workarea has an important role to play. This is the main activity of the Euro Mediterranean Risk Science Institute: the result of  a partnership of various partners in euro mediterranean education and research, integrating a plural disciplinary approach, professional and academic education, contracted research and representing an opening to the professional world of risk.


The General Philosophy of the Euro Mediterranean Risk Science Institute The Euro Mediterranean is an enormous region on a world stage and cradle of great civilisations which have strongly marked the history of man. Like all other regions worldwide, this region is submitted to a growing amount of risks in modern society. The effects of these risks on a random selection of people will have a direct impact on the rest of the world. The Euro Mediterranean can only face these risks if its entire people join their forces. A community of destiny joins all people and all Euro Mediterranean countries, a community of action reunites all its people. Culture, research and education are key factors in this community of action. We can only act in a collective way if we define our values, concepts, vocabulary and our common culture. In order to realize this collective action against risks, it is necessary to face this problem of acculturation, research and education. However, we can’t handle this problem in an unilateral way, with people or countries enforcing their culture, methods and approach of risk management. Every people and each country is confronted with specific risks, affecting its social fabric and its different politics. All wealth resides in a private knowledge, a personal protection against certain risks, which has to be enriched through the contact with other cultures, other knowledge, but with an approach of mutual sharing, listening and enrichment. When joining various partners – partners with different disciplines and professions, partners of different geographical zones, partners from the South and North Mediterranean – the Euro Mediterranean Risk Science Institute can only be an Euro Mediterranean organisation if it unites all Euro Mediterranean people and countries in their development, education and research. In order to be efficient in the organisation of education, the suggested approach below rests on the principles of co-development and the sharing of educational responsibilities. Therefore, the educational program will be:

• presented on a website, where the common-core syllabus, the basic eductional program and the common culture will be spread. This common culture is necessary and essential for

such a collective action.

• presented on the websites of several partners, where the specializations (Pôles) of the educational program will be developed and shown to the complete scope of this Region. These specializations will be regulated by one of the partners who will stimulate a network of institutes or educations himself. He will apply a strong politics of knowledge and know-how transfer. Strongly supported by the UNESCO, who backs this notion of harmony and respect for other cultures, the Institute puts its services for the Euro Mediterranean at the heart of everything it does. The UNESCO can help with its Chart, which has been adopted by nearly  ll partners, and with its fame for excellent partnership and innovation (Sophia Antipolis, in the south of France). The ambition of the Euro Mediterranean Risk Science Institute is to become one of the first global specializations in risk management. Educational Orientation of the Euro Mediterranean Risk Science Institute The nature of risks in modern society, their needs in terms of risk management and, as a consequence, the business in risk management, strongly evolved over the last several decades. The main goal of the Euro Mediterranean Risk Science Institute is to answer to the needs of high level professionals in the various sectors of society. At the same time, it wants to be the messenger of a solid global culture of risk management (a global approach is essential for the approach of risks with nowadays complexity of modern society) and of a professional know-how, strongly stimulated in all sectors (business, health, security, etc.)


First, the education for professionals will be launched, according to the modules of an Executive MBA. Then the organisation of education for students at a Masters level, will take place the following year, within the framework of the European Erasmus project (or Erasmus Mundus project) During its first years the Euro Mediterranean Risk Science Institute can implement the commoncore syllabus and the following specializations:

Specializations :

Risks, Biological Resources (climate change, pollution)

Risks, Energie, raw material

Risks, Industry and transport

Risks and Water Cycle

Risks of Health

Risks, City and Territory



The launch of this project, initiated from a network of academic partners working in the area of risk management and quickly proceeded to all Euro Mediterranean political levels, needs everybody’s support in order to achieve the ambitions of the Euro Mediterranean Risk Science Institute. It especially needs the support of political leaders, big cities and universities of the north and east of Europe, which still have few connections with this project at the moment. The ambition of PRIMO Europe is to represent a working platform for the exchange about risks among big European cities. Thus, PRIMO Europe could answer to the Institute’s need of support. Conversely, the Institute wishes to be a working tool for research and education to serve big European cities and PRIMO Europe in return.

Didier Raciné, President of the Euro

Mediterranean Association of Risks

06 84 35 41 40