Flying start PRIMO Vlaanderen

PRIMO Vlaanderen is preparing for a promotion campaign, right after the summer period. We recently had a first presentation of PRIMO Vlaanderen during an AXA-hosted seminar on adequate prevention policy in our local administrations, compared to what already exists in several companies. Although it doesn’t seem obvious to imply the political decision makers on thinking about preventive risk management (often referred to as a waste of time), it looks as if this aspect might be valuable for the development of PRIMO Vlaanderen as a key information network on risk management. PRIMO Vlaanderen wants to point out the importance of such preventive risk management as opposed to existing crisis planning. Such policy can only help to improve the quality of the organisation (quality management) and at the same time reduce costs by diminishing risks. The scientific board will meet for the first time in September and we’re looking forward to their input. Bringing together different voices from the insurance, academic and consultancy world can only create more value for all concerned with public risk management. Following the scientific planning and promotion campaign, PRIMO Vlaanderen will start its first seminars on risk control and the approach to true preventive risk management around November / December. This way, PRIMO Vlaanderen wants to prove its engagement to create a practical and interactive platform for the exchange of experience and knowledge in risk management.