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Avans+ Improves personal and organizational performances

Measure your professional powers and that of others. Explore the boundaries together with your team mates. Continue improving your performances. Maximise your abilities and that of your team to eventually achieve targets. Avans+ supports and coaches people and organisations in development.

Our philosophy is founded on the realisation of synergy between the energy and the level of ambition of man and organisation. Employees are compelled to perform better if they are moved by and feel a sense of involvement in what is happening round them. Conversely, organisations can also perform better, provided they have knowledge of the specific requirements of their environment and customers, so that they can gear these to their employees’ aspirations. We see the creation of this collective ambition as the success factor to organisational development. Through this interaction an excellent learning climate is created, facilitating the grounds for realising your organisation’s objectives.

We summarize the statements by which we distinguish ourselves.

  • Personal approach. This consists of individual intake assessments, personal coaching and evaluation for every delegate, dependent of the course in question.
  • Professionals. In the line of business. Our tutors are proven professionals with practical experience in their field of knowledge.
  • Practical. All our programs combine theory with practical oriented exercises. Around 40% our training courses is conducted in the laboratory!
  • Direct result. We aim to supply all delegates with knowledge and skills they can apply directly in their own daily routine.
  • Independent. With Avans+ you can become familiar with contemporary knowledge and skills independent from typical suppliers.


International co-operation and a mass brainstorming exercise
The International Katrina Project is a Washington based think-tank born out of the 2005 hurricane Katrina that devastated the Southern US. The goal of the project is to raise awareness and engage individuals from the government down to local citizens.

Over the next three years, the International Katrina Project will collect recommendations and conclusions from a large number of people from five target audiences: public authorities, private sector, knowledge brokers, the media and the public-at-large.

Want to participate?….You can! Join IKP
The IKP is an international programme which uses reality-fiction scenarios to transition from a ‘risk’-based approach to a more comprehensive approach that include’s ‘consequence’ management. In its first phase (until 2014), the IKP program and its partners will jointly collect, analyze and disseminate conclusions and recommendations by way of ‘Focused Feedback’ methodology. Discussion will include a review of eight structural problems that stand in the way of applying the lessons learned from previous disasters.

The project’s ‘raisons d’être’ and methodologies were developed by Eelco Dykstra and his team in Washington DC (International Emergency Management initiative, ICDRM, The George Washington University) from 2006-2009. After extensive consultations in 2009 and 2010, an operational platform in Europe, IKP Europe, was established in the Netherlands.