Strategic focus: ‘Knowing what’s happening and where to buy’.

Designed for an holistic and dialogue oriented risk approach. Discussing relevant themes as cybersecurity, social cohesion and city management, adaptation to climate change, proper water management and synergy by partnership. Getting familiar with the best concepts, methods and techniques to manage risk. Learning from the authoritative scientists and practitioners. The 1-day masterclass gives you insight and knowledge where main uncertainties and risks emerge with good governance as background.

Public values

  • The public domain in general.
  • Stakeholders and their roles.
  • Key Planning & Control Processes.
  • Public Value as starting point.

Public risks

  • Emerging Risks.
  • Types and quantities.
  • Resilience of organisations and area’s.
  • Financial risks.

The art of risk management

  • Risk + state of the art.
  •  Concepts & Standards.
  • Risk management process & framework.
  • AO / IC / Contracts / Insurance.
  • Total Quality, Performance and Innovation.

Governance of public and private organizations

  • Culture and Organisation.
  • Psychology and behavior.
  • Horizontal dialogue.
  • Policy & Implementation.
  • Collaboration and partnership.
  • Management and leadership.


  • Risk management and risk leadership (Malta University, St. Thomas University)
  • Quality and Risk Management outlined (with EIPA)
  • How the board can improve Cybersecurity (with LOLA)
  • Improving City Management (with UDITE)
  • Adapted your City Climate.
  • Managing the water chain.
  • Synergy in partnership (public and private).

The masterclass is applicable and interesting for cities, regions, ngo’s and companies. It focuses on public and private leaders, managers and advisors which are directly and indirectly responsible for strategic developments of the organisation.

The kaleidoscope will be organised in-company. A abbreviated 2-hour session is free for members.

The 1-day masterclass for non-members is € 2950,00 ex. VAT, for members € 2250,00 ex VAT There is a maximum of 15 attendants per session.