Public Risk: About Values in our Society

This ebook contains a first selection of publications related to the governance and management of public values and risks. It is in development and updated every month, starting October 2016 until december 2017. The kaleidoscopic selection over a period of ten years is an exploration of definitions, views and insights from public and private leaders, scientists and practitioners.

You can follow us by downloading the epub3-book (fixed lay-out)/pdf or by reading online (see frame hereunder). The content is also – mostly summarised – available on this web page. This ebook is published for PRIMO by Governance Connect.



Renewing PP-Partnership

By Eulalio Avila Cano  & Rainier D-Haussonville. Infrastructure investment needs in Europe are driven by consumer trends and expectations, climate and resources pressures as well as the need to meet the requirements and objectives of an evolving European regulatory framework. It is paramount that the current economic circumstances and generalized public budgetary constraints do not take their toll on implementations and pace of those much needed investments. This requires an optimization of the use of public resources and innovation in […]

Public Values and Risks

By Jack Kruf. From the many meetings with public leaders and city managers in the last five years emerged a personal (growing) conviction that the interpretations and definitions of the terms ‘public value’ and hereto related ‘public risk’  have become highly diversified. This diversification makes a sharp and focused dialogue between institutions (business, media, non-profit, government and science) in the public domain – society and the natural environment as a whole – more difficult than necessary. The reasons for this […]

10 Ways to improve risk management

Door Marinus de Pooter. With an awareness of common shortcomings, internal auditors can help their organization better meet stakeholder expectations and ensure business objectives are achieved. Why do risk management implementations and functions often fail to deliver what is expected? And what causes senior management to feel that its investments in risk management systems are not delivering the expected returns? Many factors, potentially, are to blame, stemming from various parts of the organization and its systems. But most often, the culprits come down to a handful of common dysfunctions. Ten key practices, in […]

Reconsidering the Public-Private Risk Sector Management Divide

By Peter C. Young PhD. Five years ago I wrote a short article entitled, “Public and Private Sector Risk Management: Is There a Difference?”  In that article I stated that while there is strength to the argument that ‘management is management’ and that leadership in any type of organization calls on common knowledge, skills and abilities, there are distinctions and these distinctions make it difficult to conclude that improving public sector risk management is simply a matter adopting private sector […]

Struggling with Transparancy

By Marinus de Pooter and Cees Visser. Oganisations benefit from high-quality reporting about risk management. Stakeholders greatly appreciate receiving information about risks and about the way in which an organisation is managing these risks. Another benefit is that clear reporting forces the board to take stock and draw up a list of the risks and risk management systems. This is an important first step on the road to improving the quality of the risk management process. Directors can create value by […]

Uncertain safety

By Inge Sebregts. An interview about public risk policy and the report Uncertain Safety of the Dutch Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) with Commissioner of the Queen of the Province of North Brabant Wim van de Donk.In 2008 the report Uncertain Safety was published by the Dutch Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR). Chairman of the Board at that time was Professor. Ph.D. Wim van de Donk, now Commissioner of the Queen of the Province of North Brabant in […]

Three Risk Framing Devices

By John Adams Today risk management seems a booming term. Every day politicians, managers and experts use the term, in close relation to the financial crisis we face today. And every day the term is often mispronounced and not used in the right context. It is wat happened with the term sustainable. It has thousands and thousands of interpretations. So let us be careful with the use of “risk” and “risk management”. In all the hectic discussions of the credit […]

Risk Leadership

In January 2007, PRIMO Danmark launched their national guide on (public) risk management Risikoledelse – En Kommunal Opgave. The guide was endorsed by the Danish Minister of Interior, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, who wrote the preface to the guide. “Every day, local authority managers make decisions involving risks; that is, decisions involving significant uncertainty. It is important to note that these may be risks facing citizens, local communities or the local authority organisation itself. Risk is simply a condition of life […]