Within our organisation we have put all activities regarding the new website, hosting, domains, design, photography, publishing in digital stores and the care for social media under one roof. The increase in dissemination and the needed coordination within Europe made this a logical step.

Our portfolio

Web Library

Sharing the knowledge PRIMO is focused on the selective collection, tagging and categorizing of the most relevant news, publications, best-practices, organizations and persons in the world of Public Risk Management and Governance AND making this collection accessible to everyone. Together with our members, partners and our Scientific Council we have developed a European Library (in English) which is accessible to members and non-members. PRIMO National Chapters have their own library, which is country specific. These are also directly accessible. Web […]

Public Risk: About Values in our Society

This ebook contains a first selection of publications related to the governance and management of public values and risks. It is in development and updated every month, starting October 2016 until december 2017. The kaleidoscopic selection over a period of ten years is an exploration of definitions, views and insights from public and private leaders, scientists and practitioners. You can follow us by downloading the epub3-book (fixed lay-out)/pdf or by reading online (see frame hereunder). The content is also – mostly summarised – available on this web […]

Staff Picks

Our staff selected and curated some articles which in their view are not only noteworthy reading but also have the silver lining of public risk management. The articles demonstrate or embed the overall  focus on public values and are relevant for the to the public domain related organisations.  

Quaterna Publica: Magazine

In making evaluations, public leaders and managers rely on cutting-edge articles. We combine them in the newly developed magazine Quaterna Publica: Management and Governance of Public Values and Risks. The magazine is available as online magazine. The articles are also published on our website and disseminated via social media to the PRIMO groups, pages and accounts (Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter) to reach our readers. The magazine is permanently updated. If you are interested in giving your organisation association with our mission ‘We care about good governance‘, […]

International Newsletter Focus•

Every week we send our international newsletter, on Sunday Afternoon 4:00 PM C.E.T. It contains one main article, report,  sometimes extended with an announcement or invitation. Here your find an overview of the weekly international newsletters we have sent: 30 December 2012: Learning to love volatility. By Nassim Nicolas Taleb. 6 January 2013: Clear risk reporting creates value. By Marinus de Pooter and Cees Visser. 13 January:  Global Risk Report 2013. By Klaus Schwab. 20 January 2013: PPP Innovation. By Karl Vanderplaetse. 27 January […]