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In making evaluations, public leaders and managers rely on cutting-edge articles. We combine them in the newly developed magazine Quaterna Publica: Management and Governance of Public Values and Risks. The magazine is available as online magazine. The articles are also published on our website and disseminated via social media to the PRIMO groups, pages and accounts (Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter) to reach our readers. The magazine is permanently updated.

If you are interested in giving your organisation association with our mission ‘We care about good governance‘, we have developed a an interesting advertisement offer for your exposure via Quaterna Publica:

  • Full page premium: first page of magazine: € 3000, second page € 2.900, third page € 2800
  • Full Page in each Chapter: € 2500
  • Full Page as part of an article: € 1950
  • Full Page in between articles: € 1700
  • 1/2 Page in or between articles:  € 1300
  • 1/4 Page in or between articles:  € 900
  • /8 Page in or between articles:  € 600

.Please note that all rates are exclusive VAT. For more information on advertising, please contact us.

Quaterna Publica has been developed with our previous magazine Risk Management & Governance as starting point. This six editions where published as pdf and can still be downloaded here:

In alliance with Governance Connect we published the book Public Risk. It is also available in the iBookstore.