Second meeting PRIMO France

The partners and the audience of the second national meeting “Risk and Public Sector” expressed a big satisfaction of the second national meeting “Risk and Public Sector” in Paris – France. Also the founders of this innovating initiative, MediaContactServices and PRIMO France, are happy with the gathering. The annual meeting makes the unifying role on all public and private actors, that are concerned by the prevention and control of risks that engage public responsability, stronger.


To note more specifically :


– The opening of the meeting by Miss Michèle Alliot-Marie, Minister of Home Affairs of local administrations and oversea territories, illustrating the neccesity of the actual ministerial and interministerial organisation and recalling the importance of a decent coordination of public and private actors when it comes to prevention and risk control.

– The implication and presence of the Minister of Home Affairs on the highest level and over the whole schedule of meetings.

– The renewed support by MEEDDAT (the French ministry for Ecology).

– The meaningful presence of elected people and representatives of associations, as there were Jacques Pelissard, Deputy-Mayor and president of the Association of French Mayors and Michel Mercier, Senator and President of the General Board of the Rhone Region, presiding the meetings on respectively industrial risks and financial risks.

The gathering of public decisionmakers around a very concentrated content, brought by high quality speakers led to a meeting of almost 600 people in two days, with around 60 speakers, the majority of them coming from a national public office, form local administrations and public institutions.

– 2 plenary conferences with a strategic and political point of view reminded us of the challenges of the necessary good public governance of risks in the public sector, in terms of requested competences, organisational schedules and coordination of all who are concerned.

– 4 thematic conferences did permit experts from both the public and private sector to bring forward operational points on the modalities to take in account and coordinate the different actors concerned in various kinds of public risks (nature or environnement, industrial, health and financial risks).

– 5 modules of professional training treated the fundamental aspects of risk control, the continuity of activities, criminal risks, the control of internal processes and the optimalisation of insurance policies by analysing and separating the risks.

– Finally, PRIMO France, together with Marsh, Dexia Sofaxis and SNSG rewarded four administrations with the price for ‘initiative 2009 for risk control in the public sector’: the urban community of Le Creusot Montceau for the human risks, the Regional Board of Champagne Ardenne for the strategic risks, the city of Tours for the operational risks and finally the city of Lyon for the financial risks. The next meeting will be the third edition and will be organised in the second trimester of 2010, in the Palais des Congrès in Paris.