Press release RMP and PRIMO start partnership

‘Risk Management Partners (RMP), a leading UK company in the public sector to provide individually insurance programmes, integrate claims management, information management and risk control services that will reduce cost of risk in the medium and long term and Public Risk Management Organisation (PRIMO) have decided to start a dedicated partnership for 2011 and 2012. The partnership of RMP and […]

Cohesion Policy

The main goal of PRIMO is to develop an holistic approach of city governance, i.e. an integrated approach where the city is considered as an entity and in which all institutions and stakeholders cooperate to realize political targets. In this approach the common adressing of risks and benefits, of chances and threatenings is crucial for success. Moreover the ‘tuning’ with […]

Risk management in support for budget-cutting

By: Ed Mallens, Board member PRIMO Nederland This year PRIMO Nederland started with the implementation of its Business-plan 2010, as approved by the Board at a meeting held last February. The main objectives are to sustain the knowledge on public risk management and to expand the profile of PRIMO Nederland in the Governmental markets of Local and Regional Authorities and […]

Sharing a common goal: local authorities as crucial factor

The The Committee of Regions underlines the importance of local authorities in sharing a common goal, such as the challenges associated with global warming. The multi-level governance approach could lead to a true cooperation in the governance of common risks that we face. Local authorities can function as building blocks to develop a common strategy, crucial for public management and […]

Local authorities to strengthen partnerships/ Consolidation des partenariats par les autorités locales

Source: Public Service Article Friday, May 14, 2010 It’s time to create strong public/private partnerships which would take forward economic, social and environmental well being for citizens and communities, says the European Federation of Local Government Chief Executives (UDiTE). Many local government chief executives are set to reposition their policies for economic, social and environmental regeneration after facing the worst […]

360˚Risk Project: Catastrophe Trends

Lloyd’s, United Kingdom, 2006 Today’s risk environment is changing and evolving – more rapidly than ever before. At Lloyd’s, understanding and anticipating major risk trends is what we do. We have created the Lloyd’s 360 Risk Project with one aim: to generate discussion on how best to manage risk in today’s business environment. By tapping into the concentrated expertise and […]