PPP as innovation in the public domain

Report of UDITE/ PRIMO Europe Round Table, 25th April 2013, Office EY, Brussels, Belgium. Prologue Primo Europe thanks EY for their hospitality and a special word for Mr. Tristan Dhondt and Mr. Rob Ellermeijer. The round table was supported by Belfius and BNG and by our platinum partner Risk Management Partners (RMP). We very much appreciate their investment and well prepared […]

PwC Global CEO Survey 2013

By PricewaterhouseCoopers Government and the global CEO: A new contract between business and the state 72% of government and public sector CEOs are somewhat or extremely concerned that fiscal deficits have risen. Each year, PwC’s Annual Global CEO survey gives business leaders, governments and the world’s business community a unique insight into the vision and decisions of the global CEO. As […]

Make Everyone a Risk Manager

Source: Harvard Business Review Author: Grace Crickette By the nature of their work, people at The University of California, where I serve as Chief Risk Officer, are risk takers. Their risk appetite is amplified by an urgency or impatience to “get the job done,” a belief that they have all the information they need and therefore don’t need the assistance […]

Learn from failure

Amy Edmondson, Harvard Business School professor, describes strategies for analyzing workplace mistakes and producing more intelligent ones. She is the author of the HBR article Strategies for Learning from Failure. Source: Harvard Business Review. Read more >