Migrant deaths may force Europe policy change

Times of Malta The outrage Europe’s leaders face over the deaths of hundreds of refugees trying to reach its shores may force a shift in a policy critics decry as letting people drown to deter others in desperate need. The moat that the Mediterranean forms between Fortress Europe and less fortunate neighborus may become slightly less forbidding, even if the focus will still be to discourage the crossing in ways other than raising the risk of dying at sea. Scrambling […]

La collectivité dans la Troisième Révolution Industrielle

3 mars, 2015, PRIMO France Vers une nouvelle revolution industrielle La Première Révolution Industrielle naît de technologies mécaniques utilisant la vapeur d’eau comme force motrice, permettant l’essor de transports rapides et augmentant la vitesse de communication tout en réduisant les coûts d’impression. Locomotives, presses rotatives et linotypes sont quelques-uns des outils mis à disposition, et ont favorisé l’alphabétisation de masse et la communication, en convergence avec une volonté politique d’enseignement public. Tout ceci contribue à faire émerger une main d’œuvre […]

Aon’s Political Risk Map 2015

A guide to measure risks in emerging markets. Emerging markets continue to be attractive for businesses seeking alternative areas for growth. However, in less mature economies, assets, contracts and loans can be adversely affected by government action or inaction. In today’s economic and geopolitical environment, it is crucial for organisations to have a comprehensive high level overview of their exposure to political risk on a portfolio basis. Planning ahead and adapting risk strategies according to the level of risk in countries […]

Global Risks 2008

Introduction Report World Economic Forum “Over the last year, a series of risk issues – from the liquidity crisis in the financial markets to the emerging concerns over the long-term security of food supply – have focused global attention on the fragility of the global system. An awareness of risk and risk management is increasingly viewed as a prerequisite for effective control in both the private and public sectors. This year will be no different. Uncertainty about the short- and […]

Global Risks 2006

Executive Summary World Economic Forum Towards a more sophisticated understanding of global risks This document summarizes the output of a collaboration between the World Economic Forum, MMC (Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc.), Merrill Lynch and Swiss Re, in association with the Risk Management and Decision Processes Center of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, on the topic of Global Risks. A longer document containing more information on the genesis of the World Economic Forum’s Global Risk Programme, on […]

Global Risks 2005

Global Risks to the Business Environment Executive summary World Economic Forum “This paper, the output of two workshops organized by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with Merrill Lynch, reviews major, global risks facing business leaders today, and examines how those risks differ from the challenges of the past. Some key points: 1) Global Risks and Business At a time when risks not specific to business are having an unprecedented effect on the corporate world, it is crucial for business […]