risk communication

Guide for Uncertainty Communication

By PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency “Dealing with uncertainty, in terms of analysis and communication, is an important and distinct topic for PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. Without paying adequate attention to the role and implications of uncertainty, research and assessment results may be of limited value and could lead to incorrect policy decisions and all the related consequences. Offering […]

Recession deniers should shut up as down we continue to go

David Blanchflower makes the case for an immediate increase in public investment in building. The drop in gross domestic product of 0.7 per cent in the second quarter of 2012 was greeted with incredulity by those who have been saying for months that the UK is not in a double dipper when we obviously are. Business and consumer confidence and […]

Risk Response Network

Source: World Economic Forum “The World Economic Forum launches the Risk Response Network on the opening day of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos. The world has fundamentally changed and this new reality calls for more foresight and collective action to address a broad range of global risks. The network will address concerns about widening economic inequalities and […]

A worldwide Network for Responding to the Next Crisis

source: World Economic Forum “In the year ahead, the World Economic Forum will embark on an ambitious undertaking: the creation of a platform to enable decision makers around the world to pool knowledge about the risks they face, to share best practices in risk management, and to respond collectively to emerging threats. This initiative, the Risk Response Network, recognizes that […]

Examples of Public Risk Communication

Source: Risk and Regulation Advisory Council, Department for Business, Education & Skills, United Kingdom Author: Dr Frederic Bouder is a lecturer at the Department of Governance, University of Maastricht. He was previously based at Kings College London. “Scares about public risk can have an enormous impact on policy making and regulation, particularly when they concern children, human health and large […]

A practical Guide to Public Risk Communication

The five key elements of public risk communication Source: Government Office of Science The importance of public risk communication Scares about public risk can have an enormous impact on policy making and regulation, particularly when they concern children, human health and large scale tragic events. When a public risk is not properly addressed and communicated by government, it can also […]

Obama’s Katrina? Maybe worse

Source: The New York Times By Frank Rich FOR Barack Obama’s knee-jerk foes, of course it was his Katrina. But for the rest of us, there’s the nagging fear that the largest oil spill in our history could yet prove worse if it drags on much longer. It might not only wreck the ecology of a region but capsize the […]