risk management

The Way Forward: Creating the Risk Intelligent Enterprise

Effective risk management is an integral part of value creation and preservation Source: Directorship In the “good old days” of the post-World War II era, buffers of space and time gave organizations more leeway to react and adapt. Events in remote places seemed to have little impact and were more insulated. Information was available to a relative few, whose power […]

Competitive Dialogue

For the combination of the political, social environmental, social, legal and the technical complexity of Public Private Partnerships, Competitive Dialogue is an adequate procedure to enhance the total quality and governance of PPP. This was brought forward during the PRIMO Round Table in Brussels, the 10th of June 2010. It is consequently a risk management instrument of the first category […]

City typology as the basis for policy

Towards a tailor-made approach to the benchmarking and monitoring of the energy and climate policy of cities Source: KPMG Advisory “Cities are responsible for about eighty percent of the global energy consumption and half of the total greenhouse gas emissions (European Commission, 20081). Cities are therefore one of the key locations in the fight against global warming.” Download report

Blocking desertification

The most far-reaching approach to risk management is taking radical measures and simply block further loss of precious values, societies and ecosystems. Blocking desertification in Chad financed by the World Bank is such a mega-project. It seems to be an example of smart thinking and a holistic and coordinated approach. The risks related to the project itself will be assessed […]

Bridging the gap

The start of this year saw the publication of the 2010 Salary and Status Survey which has given us a valuable insight into the position, responsibilities, reporting lines, salary and benefits received by our members. it also reveals that members are more likely to have a degree and earn above the average salary for public sector employees. 2010 has also […]

Sharing a common goal: local authorities as crucial factor

The The Committee of Regions underlines the importance of local authorities in sharing a common goal, such as the challenges associated with global warming. The multi-level governance approach could lead to a true cooperation in the governance of common risks that we face. Local authorities can function as building blocks to develop a common strategy, crucial for public management and […]

Looking for an international traineeship in Risk Management?

PRIMO Europe is looking for you! PRIMO Europe offers graduates and post graduates an opportunity to gain work experience in the exciting international field. It is the possibility for young academics to experience the European wide approach of our association. PRIMO Europe provides the trainees with top-level coaching, support and guidance in the international network of Chief Executives who are […]

Before the Copenhagen Summit

PRIMO-seminar on climate change and risk leadership October 23rd 2009 The Copenhagen Summit on climate change is just around the corner. On December 7th 2009, Denmark will be the centre of attention in the global challenge of trying to offer response to the numerous questions that arise due to our changing climate. Complex questions that calls for clever response now […]

From ‘policy’ to ‘practice’, what would you do?

“Fostering the international dialogue and exchange of information and best practices in risk, emergency and disaster management…” It sounds easy. Is it? How about different personalities, priorities, interests, semantics, terminology, jurisdictions, disciplines, cultures and language barriers? By Eelco Dykstra As a visiting professor of International Emergency Management first at the University of Kuopio in Finland and then in Washington D.C., […]

Euro Mediterranean Risk Science Institute: a durable development through risk management By Didier Raciné

Our modern society represents numerous risks, of a new type, appearing in many different ways, global and massive. Because of these caracteristics it is necessary to react with a multi disciplinary approach of research and education. Facing a euro Mediterranean environment, each of the teachers and researchers in this workarea has an important role to play. This is the main […]

Global and Local risk management in Europe by Dr. Lynn Drennan

No matter the size of the public organisation – whether a large metropolitan city, a small community or the provider of a public service – in order to effectively manage risk, attention needs to be given to both local and global threats.   Currently, society is exposed to threats on an international scale from the possibility of flu pandemics, climate […]

Building for disaster

Over 100 international delegates, academics, experts and researchers from 22 different countries participated in a three day symposium hosted by the Department of Building and Civil Engineering of the University of Malta. This event marked the second phase of an International Technical Action involving co-operation in the field of scientific and technical research, supported by the European Commission research arm […]

Risk Management & Governance in French!

Risk Management & Governance is our new European magazine for public leaders, managers, specialists and advisors working in the public ‘risk’ domain. We hope to contribute to a better awareness, dissemination of knowledge and sharing of experiences and best practices in Europe, underlining that risk management is a key factor for good public management and governance. We are proud to […]

Round table PRIMO Europe Amsterdam

Within the frame of the Risk Survey 2009 of PRIMO Europe the roundtable has been organised to discuss the common “playground” of public risks for public organisations, universities and companies. We discussed the state of “the art” of Risk Management. This in the middle of the current crises we face. The round table was divided in two themes: society & […]

Flying start PRIMO Vlaanderen

PRIMO Vlaanderen is preparing for a promotion campaign, right after the summer period. We recently had a first presentation of PRIMO Vlaanderen during an AXA-hosted seminar on adequate prevention policy in our local administrations, compared to what already exists in several companies. Although it doesn’t seem obvious to imply the political decision makers on thinking about preventive risk management (often […]

Competencies for Risk Managers

26th March 2009, Alarm Launches National Competencies for Risk Managers White Paper. We recommend to join this project, managed by Peter Andrews, Vice Chair of Alarm. The National Competencies for Risk Managers Discussion Document sets out a definition of the role of the public risk managers and the skills, behaviours, knowledge and understanding which underpin effective performance in the role. […]

Risk, Innovation & Change

Martin van  Staveren finalized his dissertation about the “Design propositions for Implementing Risk Management in Organizations”.  His study is an in depth search for the mysteries of  human soul and the related behaviour. He concludes that “Managing risk is difficult, applying risk management is more difficult and implementing risk management in organizations is the most difficult. Risk management is about […]

Risks on Climate Change: it gets worse

In Copenhagen Scientists and politicians are discussing this week during the “International Scientific Congress on Climate Change the “global risks, challenges and decisions on climate change”. All organized by the University of Copenhagen. What are the risks we are facing and how do they impact us this century. Four leading experts brought forward that sea levels appear to be rising […]

The Art of Risk Management

Amsterdam is midway through the construction project of the north-south metro line (photo © ANP). The 8-year project began in 2002 and is costing €1.7billion, double the figure projected in 1996! But there are hugh problems realizing it. Where the risks underestimated? The contracts not well designed? Council and alderman amateurs? The managers, planners and civil engineers inadequate or not […]