risk perception

Public Perceptions of Climate Change as a Human Health Risk

Surveys of the United States, Canada and Malta International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health “We used data from nationally representative surveys conducted in the United States, Canada and Malta between 2008 and 2009 to answer three questions: Does the public believe that climate change poses human health risks, and if so, are they seen as current or future risks? […]

The role of emotions in judging the moral acceptability of risks

by Prof.dr. Sabine Roeser This paper argues that we need emotions in order to make a rational decision as to the moral acceptability of technological risks. Empirical research has shown that people rely on emotions in making judgments concerning risks. However, this does not as yet answer the following normative question and the main question of this paper: do we need emotions in order to […]

Take too much Risk? Must be the testosterone…

By Maria Konnikova, Big Think Blog When we think testosterone, we think macho. We think male, manly. We probably also think aggressive. And we think that with good reason. Men do traditionally have higher testosterone levels than do women, and higher testosterone has indeed been associated repeatedly with increased risk-taking behavior, especially in social domains (where aggression would fall). That’s […]

Ten reasons why we fail

By David DiSalvo, Forbes My research into the traits of influencers and achievers continues, and as I turn more pieces of this puzzle around to fit the whole, more ideas appear to me as a fit for this space.  In this edition, reflections on falling short — more precisely, why we fail despite ourselves. Read more >

The Risk Landscape

Interactions that shape responses to public risk Source: Risk & Regulation Advisory Council Introduction (quote): “Numerous groups get involved with public risk, including Ministers, civil servants, parliamentarians, the judiciary, the insurance sector, the media, subject-matter experts, single issue lobby groups, standards setters, compliance officers and risk managers. These ‘risk actors’ and the interactions between them, make up the ‘risk landscape’.

Worrier’s Guide to Risk

Stories about risk can be worrying or even frightening. David Spiegelhalter’s ideas can help you understand more and worry less. Source: Risk & Regulation Advisory Council, United Kingdom The Worrier’s Guide to Risk is intended to help everyone make more sense of the seemingly unending series of stories on risk. The guide offers an insight into the simple sorts of […]

Global warming contradicts just world beliefs

Authors: Matthew Feinberg (Psychology Department, University of California), Robb Willer (Sociology Department, University of California) Abstract (quote): “Though scientific evidence for the existence of global warming continues to mount, in the U.S. and other countries belief in global warming has stagnated or even decreased in recent years. One possible explanation for this pattern is that information about the potentially dire […]

Risk management at the top level in Europe

Source: FERMA Risk management is now on the agenda for top management, the board and shareholders, which clearly support and sponsor the function. This finding comes from what is probably the most representative ever survey of opinion on risk and insurance management in Europe, the 2010 risk management benchmarking survey of the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA). The […]

Redefining Failure

Source: Harvard Business Review by: Seth Godin “We think we know what failure looks like. Products don’t get purchased. Reorganizations make things worse. Shipments aren’t delivered. Speeches don’t get applauded. Things explode. These are the emergencies and disasters that we have nightmares about. We think that failure is the opposite of success, and we optimize our organizations to avoid it. […]