US is not ‘us’ anymore

 By Jack Kruf.

The decision of president Trump (another one per decree and not via political and democratic debate and decision lines) to undo existing policies, pledges and contracts related to the commonly Paris agreed and signed innovative climate change approach, must give other countries reason to reconsider the trustworthiness and credibility of the United States. To say it blunt.

From this decision more public risks will emerge and continue to do so, according most of the leading NGO’s, universities and research institutes. How can something so delicate, our common public domain ‘Earth’ – a balanced, cohesive and healthy society in a sustainable environment –  be considered and treated in such a way? The New York Times reported:

“Trump’s Executive Order Pushes the U.S. Climate Pledge Further Out of Reach: During his first two months in office, President Donald J. Trump has rolled back key Obama-era greenhouse gas regulations. Without these rules in place, the United States is set to fall far short of its 2015 Paris Agreement pledge: to lower emissions by at least 26 percent below 2005 levels by 2025.”

Can the US be trusted if promises can be broken so lightly and above all without any care for other countries? We were a team, weren’t we? Or will the president after all appear to be not the leader of his country? If so, then it is ‘Houston, we have a problem”. The opposition against the decree though is growing vastly and swiftly. So there is hope for a friend. For now, the morning after the night before, the US can not be considered anymore as ‘us’. My point of view.

Maybe we need to find another abbreviation for the United States. It has become a ‘contradictio in terminis’. Above all not united – reading the many articles in the media last night –  and not anymore ‘us’.